Augmented Thinking

There’s an ongoing trend pushing towards continuous consumption of shorter, mind-melting content. Have a few minutes? Stare at people putting on makeup on TikTok. Winding down for sleep? A perfect time to doomscroll 180-character hot takes on Twitter. Most of the products I’ve seen built with LLMs push us further down this road: why write words when an AI can write that article for you? Why think when AI can write your code? (…)

I believe the real game changers are going to have very little to do with plain content generation. Let’s build tools that offer suggestions to help us gain clarity in our thinking, let us sculpt prose like clay by manipulating geometry in the latent space (…).

Lots of great observations and ideas in this post. The point of AI making it too easy to simply turn off your brain strikes me as very relevant. Yes, we totally should offload rote, mindless tasks to an AI. But the AI shouldn’t do the thinking for us – it should augment it; making us better at it.